• Birth Services

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    Pregnancy and Birth Support

    Services and Fees

    Contact us for a free consultation. The moment you hire us, we are here for you! Our services include: limitless phone and email support throughout pregnancy, 1-2 in-home prenatal meetings where we will discuss a variety of topics from comfort measures & positioning techniques to discussing your birth preferences and what happens after baby is here, constant labor and birth support, immediate postpartum support and an in-home postnatal follow up visit (usually 1-4 weeks after birth).


    Birth Support

    In need of last minute in-labor support?

    We offer last minute birth support to clients who suddenly find themselves in need of assistance during labor. Contact us when you are in labor and one of us will come to your birthing location and provide support throughout labor and birth and 1 hour postpartum. Please note: We cannot guarantee availability for this service.