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    Having supported hundreds of families, we understand that every journey is unique. We strive to help our clients feel a sense of agency, satisfaction and connection with their births and their babies. Our goal is to help each client have a safe, positive birth and postpartum experience, empowered by compassion, knowledge and informed consent—whether their intention is an unmedicated or a medically assisted birth, at home, at the Birth Center or in a hospital.


    We are a team—when you hire us, you get TWO doulas for the price of one. That means more attention, options and support as pregnancy, birth and parenting unfold. Looking for a childbirth class or placenta encapsulation? We’ve got you covered. Do you need postpartum support? You have two doulas! One of us will be at your service when you need it most. Our partnership ensures quality care for you and your family during this special, vulnerable time.

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    Professional Postpartum Support





    We work with you during the postpartum period, helping with personal care, infant care, breastfeeding, light house keeping, running errands, meal prep, older siblings and pets.


    Atlanta Doula Services offers Placenta Encapsulation




    Consuming the placenta has been thought to balance hormones, increase energy, lessen risk for postpartum depression, boost milk supply, lessen postpartum bleeding and allow for a quicker recovery.  Learn more here.

    Atlanta Doula Services offers Placenta Encapsulation



    Childbirth, Breastfeeding and new parent classes (group or private).

  • Testimonials

    Happy Customers

    Rebecca & Rohite R.

    We feel so fortunate to have had Emily as our doula. From our initial phone consultation, I knew that I wanted her by my side for the birth of our son and it proved to be one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made. Emily is extremely knowledgeable, gentle, and respectful. She really listened to what we wanted our birth experience to be like and was completely supportive of our decisions.

    Jessica & Colin S.

    Emily was so encouraging from the get go and helped us realize that birth is birth no matter which method you choose. She helped guide my husband and me through a peaceful pregnancy and birth by providing educational materials and positive support. She was an integral part of our team when our daughter was born and we are very thankful that we hired Emily to be there with us through the entire process.

    Jordan & Zach R.

    Emily was a crucial part of the labor and delivery process. It was so great to have her there to be able to provide counter pressure while my husband focused on being there for emotional support. Emily was great at anticipating my needs and taking care of them before we even knew we needed it. She was also amazing in the way she helped us handle some of the conversations with the nurses - such as when she and I both knew I was ready to start pushing. And even more importantly, she knew the correct balance of when to step in for support and when to take a step back for my husband to be there. It really felt like we were all a team working together.


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